Brief: Pick n Pay was in the process of launching a new breed of store focusing on a very organic and deli orientated food environment in a standalone concept store. The brief was to create excitement in key focus groups consisting of foodies, restaurateurs, caterers and media in the lead up to the launch and launch event of the new Pick n Pay on Nicol.

Execution: A delicious food “tool box” was created and filled with delicious local produce that the new Pick n Pay Nicol would stock including Olive Oil, freshly baked Ciabatta bread, a bouquet of fresh herbs and an organic slab of locally produced chocolate. The toll boxes were freshly packed every morning and delivered to a selected group of foodies, restaurateurs, caterers and media along with detailed information regarding the new store.

To excite and educate the local community, freshly baked ciabatta breads were packed in beautiful and informative packaging and delivered to moms at schools when collecting their kids.

And lastly a range of vintage 50’s fridges were vinyled with “fresh produce” images and placed and selected intersections and corporates to bring attention to the new store launch with the slogan “Prep your Fridge” creating a thread through all activities.